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Let’s make a session that is all about you...

I would encourage you to include items that show your interests. Musical instruments, sports equipment, I have even included people's cars in the photo.  

Remember this photoshoot is about capturing who you are as a Senior


What do you want to remember in 20 years?

what to wear:

I generally recommend two or three outfits:

(you can do as many as you like)

Below are some ideas to think about...

Start with your most fancy/formal outfit maybe a dress and heels or suit for a boy whatever is fancy to you.

(these photos can be handy to include with internship & Greek life applications or LinkedIn profiles for job searches, also your Grandma will love them!) 

Something that really shows off your personality, this can be as simple as a check shirt and jeans or you can go crazy….. it’s up to you. It’s a good idea to wear a color that really suits you and maybe highlights your eye color.


Sports uniform, t-shirt, or equipment.

Something really comfy maybe a favorite pair of jeans, boots and a shirt.

College shirt or colors.

Accessorize!!  This is a great way to mix up the photos and get different looks for little effort.  Hats, sunglasses… bring it along.  


Remember, it may sound obvious but only bring items you like and you feel good in.

Bring a big bag to throw everything in.  


We will be moving around quickly so it's good to have everything organized and easy to access.  


Remember to check you have the correct shoes to go with every change of clothes and the correct undergarments.

Let's Get

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These are just suggestions.
It's your shoot, so feel free to do it your way!

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